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Already Own A Vehicle?

If you already own a vehicle, at Star Rentals we are able to purchase your vehicle from you and hire it back to you for a monthly fee. We take care of servicing, repairs, road tax, MOT and all of the other complicated aspects of owning a vehicle, all you need to do is insure and fuel the vehicle(s) that you are hiring from us.

How we work

  • We will purchase your current vehicle from you, either paying you the value of the vehicle or if you choose, deducting its value from your rental payments.
  • We will take care of all the procedures necessary to keep you on the road during this process.
  • We will service your vehicle and carry out any repairs and replacements during your hire.
  • We will bill you with one fixed monthly fee.

Benefits of this option

  • You will have one simple payment to make to us each month.
  • The only added costs to this payment are insuring and fuelling the vehicle.
  • No worries about being off the road if your vehicle needs repaired, we will provide a temporary one, meaning no time off the road.